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At last, you have landed correctly here to learn more about online business. Here, we teach about various ways to start the business on line using Digital Marketing strategy. To know more about further, please start browsing this site right now.

We Help You In The Following Areas

Here, we teach you to become an expert in the Digital Marketing areas where one can specialize any of the following areas of digital marketing. To become a Digital Entrepreneur, only thing you should have perseverance and consistency.  

Web Design

We shall design a static/dynamic website as per your requirement. We have a team of dedicated professionals to meet the exact requirement of your web design requirement for an ecommerce, affiliate marketing and blogging etc.

Affiliate Marketing

We offer proper guidance/training for complete Affiliate Marketing set up. In this topic, we shall teach you everything about make money online through Affiliate Marketing as to how to start from scratch and earn your income.


In Digital Marketing, Blogging is one of the important areas for making money online. We shall cover you all aspect of blogging right from selection of niche, article writing and promotion of your choice to earn money online..

Social Media Marketing

Presence of Social Media is very much essential for any kind of online business promotion. Here, we teach about the implementation of
social media marketing for any kind of business or one can become as Social Media Expert and start a Social Media Agency business under freelancing.


Ecommerce area is booming nowadays as everyone is interested to purchase online. Almost all the products are available online. Any products can be sold online whether it is physical or digital products. We teach everything in this course including development of ecommerce website.

Drop Shipping

This is also a kind of ecommerce model. Here, you need not have your own product. So, initial investment is very less. Anyone can start drop shipping model and can earn sizable income online. We teach everything about drop shipping.


Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Blogging, ​Ecommerce, Drop Shipping

"Amazing Support and Services!"

Recently, I joined with for Website Design & Affiliate Marketing training program. They delivered amazing web site design in time. Further, affiliate marketing training for Amazon product was excellent. I recommend everyone to join any of their program and reap the benefits.
BS & P Consulting, CEO

"Amazing Support "

Mr.K.Pugazhenthi, Founder, Director, CEO at Prime Digital Business Consulting, Chennai is known to me for the past ten years. He is a very great person by heart, a savvy marketer, talented Engineer passionate towards Digital Marketing having good experience embarked on a mission to help peopleto learn and earn easy ways of online income. He is not only a Business Consultant but a very good Digital Marketing Trainer also. His in-depth knowledge, ideas, thoughts are mind blowing. I had the privilege to work with him for some assignments and his Positive-can-do attitude, collaboration skills, reliability and consistency in delivering has helped me to improve my skills and solved many problems in my personal and professional life. His way of addressing issues and giving clarity is amazing and very professional. His passion towards Digital Marketing made me want to work with him and learn DM personally. I express my gratitude to him for his contribution to the society and pray for his mission to be more successful”.
Sathishkumar VM
Electrical Engineer (Retd) NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer

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