How To Start An Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money Online In 2021? – [Step By Step Beginners Guide]

Affiliate Marketing - An Introduction

Hi, Every One, Welcome to my Affiliate Marketing step by step guide for earning money online even if you are a newbie or a beginner to affiliate marketing world.

I am here to explain everything in a detailed manner for earn money online sitting at wherever you want. All you need to have only Laptop and Internet connection.

As time is precious for you and me, let me dive into straight away to the subject and let me explain as under:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the one kind of business model where you will be getting commission in the event of selling other people’s product or services with unique link provided by the company.

This business model is becoming more and more popular worldwide because of earning potential is very high. For some products, you will get commission even 100%. Generally, commission range starts from somewhere around from 30% to 75% depending upon the company policy with whom you tied up.

For example, Amazon, Flipkart, Commission Junction (CJ), Clickbank, and Shareasale etc., are having affiliate program to name a few. But, there are more and more companies are there under affiliate business model.

But, here Amazon pays commission on the lower side only and somewhere from 1% to 9%. Almost all other Companies are paying more than 30% minimum and maximum even goes up to 100%.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Mainly it involves following 3 components

  1. You – As an Affiliate Marketer.
  2. Advertiser – Company/Product Manufacturer.
  3. Buyer – The person who buys the product using your affiliate link.

Here, you are the person called affiliate marketer and promoting the manufacturers product after getting the unique affiliate link. When buyers are buying the product using your link, you will be paid compensation in the form of certain percentage of commission as agreed upon.

The best part here is that you need not have your own product or not even buy the product. The transaction will happen between the buyer and seller. Once payment is made, you will get your commission as per the affiliate agreement. Here, almost you need not spent any money toward this transaction. This is the beauty of this business model.

The role of Advertiser is here that they will supply the product based on your affiliate link. The product can be either software or physical product. All the after sales services are taken care of by them. You need not worry about that. They will take care including maintaining inventory, packing & dispatches, and payment collection etc.

As for as Buyer is concerned, he will get the product from the supplier directly after making the payment, The  mode of payment can be either COD or prepaid. In this way, the transaction is getting completed. So, we can see further as to how to start this super easy Affiliate Marketing and earn money online.

Who Can Start Affiliate Marketing?

In fact any one can start Affiliate Marketing online business. There is no qualification, age or genders are required. Only interest is required. This is suitable for the following categories:

  1. Employed or unemployed
  2. House wife
  3. Students
  4. Retired personal
  5. Part time job seekers etc.,

Why anyone can select for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the popular online business model where one can earn passive income and earning potential is unlimited. Please note that this is not a Quick Rich scheme. Earning is purely depending on your hard and smart working along with how you select the niche, product and traffic generation.

There are people who are earning $10000 to $100000 per month. Of course, this is possible with hard work, determination and their branding build up over the span of years.

How much one can earn in Affiliate Marketing?

As already communicated, earning potential is unlimited. Initially, you can’t expect big amount of money. But, slowly, you can increase your earning based on your working skill and smart work. This you can learn during the process of affiliate marketing journey.

For example, assume that you are promoting a product which sells at Rs. 1000.

If you want to earn Rs.50, 000.00 per month, then you have to sell 50 people.

So, the calculation is as under:

Rs. 1000 X 50 = Rs. 50, 000.00

In this way, you can achieve your target. Alternatively, if the product price is Rs. 500, then you need 100 people to sell to achieve Rs. 50, 000.00.

So, from the above example, it can be achieved with your unique way of thinking.

Infrastructure required to start an Affiliate Marketing

  1. Good Laptop
  2. Reliable Internet connection
  3. Domain &
  4. Web Hosting

For this business, initial setup cost is on the lower side only. No capital investment is required. You have to invest for Domain and Hosting only. For domain, you have to spend Rs. 700 to 800 and for hosting is Rs. 2000 and these are approximate figure only.

Selection of Domain and Web Hosting

There are so many web hosting service providers are available in the market. But, we have to choose carefully depending upon the factors like Speed, Service, Storage capacity,reliability and pricing etc.  

Here, I am recommending you to go for Hostinger as your service provider for Domain and Hosting. Because, they provide better after sales – service and attractive pricing option. You can get SSL certificate free of cost.

SSL certificate is must for every site nowadays because of security point of view.

Over and above, I have personally experienced Hostinger platform and my site also is up and running on Hostinger only. When you are deciding to purchase Domain and Web hosting, click the below link

If required any assistance, you can contact me for getting complete guidance towards purchasing of Hostinger.

For complete review of Hostinger web hosting, please click the following link,

Selection of Product

It is paramount important to select the product for marketing through affiliate program prior to booking the domain name.

Before selection of product, you have to select the specific niche of your interest. For example, if you are selecting Health as a broad niche, and then you have to select your micro niche as Weight loss for post pregnancy women or Weight loss for men and so on.

 This is only a guide line and the product is to be selected as per your choice of interest. Proper care is to be taken while selecting your micro niche and the relevant product.

Because, the success of Affiliate Marketing journey depends upon the product selected and market demand. After the product is finalized, you will have to do Key Word research to find out the market potential using the main keyword.

Keyword Research

There are many tools available in the online market. Even though so many tools are there, the following are popular tools which are widely used by the people.

  2. Ahref
  3. Google Keyword Planner
  7. Semrush

Using the above one of the tool, you can do keyword research and find out the market potential for the selected keyword.

Based on the search volume and keyword difficulty, you can select the final keyword for the micro niche which you have selected.

For your immediate reference, the search volume sold be more than 500 per month and the KD (Keyword Difficulty) should be below 20 preferably or sometimes it can be up to 40.

Signing Up With Affiliate Partners/Affiliate Market Place

By this time, you would have selected the product that you want to promote. Now, you will have to search the Companies/Network associates who offers Affiliate program for the selected products. This can be done easily with Google search. You can Google it as under:

Google [“name of the product” affiliate program] and check it out.

Normally, Companies those who are having affiliate program will have the Affiliate tab in the bottom of the web page or sometimes, it will appear in the top menu of the web page.

You can sign up with them by clicking the tab and fill up all the required details. It is easy to fill up and self explanatory. Within a day or two, you will get the mail with affiliate link. Alternatively, they will ask you to visit their website for getting the required affiliate link.

There is lot of affiliate websites and tons of products are available for affiliate promotion. Only thing, you will have to carefully select the company and the product based on your target market preference.

You have to keep it mind once again while product selection:

  1. The product you have selected will solve your customer problem.
  2. You should know your audience based on your product.
  3. No point in selection of some product for which there is no market or audience. Here Keyword research will help you which already have been explained.
  4. Success is assured with right product and right market/audience.

For your immediate reference, the following affiliate network market place can be considered:

The above are to name a few.

Promotion of Affiliate Link

By now, your affiliate website, product and affiliate link are ready to launch. Now, we have to see that what are all the mediums are available for promoting affiliate link in order to achieve the sales. Now, let us see the various types of promotional activities for successful promotion.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing plays major role in affiliate marketing. There are many Email marketing software’s are available in the market. We have to send emails related to our products to all the audience.

The following are the email software that can be tried out. They offer free trail from 14 days to 30 days and thereafter if found satisfactory, it can be purchased. These are to be subscribed on monthly basis.

  1. Getresponse
  2. Aweber
  3. Mailchimp
  4. Convertkit
  5. SendinBlue

I recommend you to go in for Getresponse or Mailchmip which are very user friendly and pricewise attractive.

You can check this below link for signing up Getresponse.

Further, in order to collect emails, we have to offer some type of lead magnets in the form of eBooks, videos, mini courses related to our product at free of cost and in return we will get their Name, Email and Phone number etc.,

After receipt of their email, it will be useful for us to send the product promotion tools to them. This will help us to get sales from the audience.

2. Social Media Marketing

Another channel of promoting affiliate marketing is Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.,

Here, you have to be careful about Facebook promotion for affiliate links. Facebook don’t allow any affiliate link. But, indirectly can be promoted by introducing landing page or bridge page.

This is to be designed separately in the event of deciding to go for Facebook paid promotion.

For free promotion through Facebook, you can also join related group depending upon the product/niche that you have selected.

In this case also, you will have to create similar to landing page with the help of or which are free of cost. After this is created, you can promote in the related various groups in Facebook.

Initially, you will have to sent joining request to the group admin, who will grant the permission immediately or in a day. Thereafter, you can promote the affiliate link with the help of or

In this regard, any further information is required, you can contact me through contact form or mail id provided in this website.

3. PPC Advertising or Google Ads

This is the paid advertisement. In case, you want little faster result, then go for Google paid advertisement. Depending upon the click rate, your site name will appear in the first page of Google search results.

This is only optional. But, I advise you initially this is not required. After you made some sizable income, then you can go for it.


This is one of the best website to promote the affiliate marketing. Very high traffic is witnessed every month. People will ask for lot questions for getting relevant answers.

Here also, quora don’t encourage affiliate links on the very first post. Initially, for 3 to 4 posts you have to offer some good value content for the readers of Quora. May be 5th or 6th post, along with your article, you can add your link in such a way that is redirected to you website.

No doubt, you will be having article written about your product along with affiliate link. Once the reader read your article and found satisfactory, he or she will proceed for purchase of the product recommended by you. This is what how affiliate sale is happening.

Quora is a very good Q & A forum and you have to carefully make use of it. If you post frequent affiliate link, then they will terminate your account also. So, carefully post the valuable content.  

Quora also have sponsored advertisement similar to Facebook paid ads. Later on, you may think of advertising in Quora. You will get better results.

5. Medium

This is also equally good platform for promoting affiliate marketing products. Here, most of the people will write article about any subject and then they will earn money also based on the views. Monetization is also available in this forum.

No much of hard and fast rules are here for promoting affiliate marketing. But, once in away, you can promote your affiliate site by writing the relevant content. You can paste the link for redirecting to your site.

To start with, sign up with and then start writing quality articles regularly about your product. You will get lot of quality traffics which will be very useful for conversion.


We are at the end of the article. I hope that I have covered everything about this article of, “How to Start Successful Affiliate Marketing & Make Money Online in 2021? “.

This is one of the best online opportunities available over the internet. Please read the article thoroughly and carefully and take action immediately. Only action taker wins the race.

Under this pandemic situation, many people are losing their job. This is the right time to start an online job where you will have your own freedom to work and earn money passively. So, hate your 9-5 job and become an Online Entrepreneur today.

One final word,

  • Be an Action Taker
  • Reap The Profits Out Of Affiliate Marketing
  • Perseverance and Consistency Are The Key Factors To Success In Any Field


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